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Are you sick of those aches and pains controlling your life? More often than not the general public experience unexplained limitations such as dull headaches or other health problems with an unknown source. Like any system the body needs to be maintained from time to time. Too often people abuse their body and drive it into the ground without fully thinking what happens when one they have breaks down. People often use their body like they have a second one to call on if they current one breaks down. The hustle and bustle of London life can be a be an intense pressure on the body and for the residents of Chingwell there are many options for holistic health care and our clinic could be just what your body needs.

Osteopathy is a health profession that deals with the health of the public as a whole. Our aim is to help patients restore their body to optimal balance. Pain is a response triggered by the central nervous system that indicates there is a problem that needs fixing. When a person is in pain the response is a safety mechanism; a way for the body to say I’m rundown, back off, and repair me. Although, correct exercise is often an excellent way to maintain the body, this is often a way to assist the body to adapt to more intense situation and therefore making daily activities less strenuous. Our osteopath can ensure you’re in tune before and during these activities. The human body is a very efficient system and capable of adapting to most situation. When the body is not balanced the muscles eventually slightly pull the structures out of alignment. This may be due to repetitive activities involving imbalances in muscle strength requirement and therefore joints become offset. Osteopathy and exercise are a great combination to prepare the body for life.

Our osteopaths have extensive training, at a similar standard to medical doctors, to help clients with the majority of health needs. Although, they can’t perform magic, they recognize different nerve pathways that if interfered can cause all sorts of ghost pains such as migraines and bowl problems.

They body has different nerve networks and those networks are known as a nerve plexus. A perfect example of this is the brachial plexus and if this is disturbed, in the case of a spinal misalignment, the body can experience many referred pains down the extended route of the plexus. The brachial plexus originate in the cervical spine between cervical vertebrae three (C3) and cervical vertebrae five (C5). Any disruption here will cause pain in different parts of the upper limbs. It is in the upper limbs where the network serves. In some cases misalignment resulting in pain can be quickly rectified by an osteopath, giving immediate, relief and It’s not just limbs that are served by nerve networks. The body’s internal organs such as liver, stomach and intestines can also experience problems associated with the spine’s misalignments. Our osteopaths will take a holistic approach to getting to your body back to full health as they have extensive training to link the issues back to their source. For many who discover the skills of our osteopaths this form of health care becomes a preferred method for assisting illnesses. We believe osteopathy is a health profession that should compliment other health professions, if it is not the preferred method.

What to expect

whattowxpectThe Osteopath will first take a full medical history to make sure you are safe to treat. If there is any concern about the presence of a more serious underlying condition, the patient may be referred to their doctor for further investigations.

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About me

aboutusBrian graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2004. Since graduating Brian has continued with postgraduate study in cranial and classical Osteopathy as well as being involved in a local osteopathic group, holding regular meetings and lectures from other related healthcare professionals.

Brian set up Queens Road Osteopathy in November 2009 to provide excellent care and ongoing support to his patients. “I believe that Osteopathy has so much more to offer than simply relief of pain. Osteopathy is the only medical discipline that truly tries to get to the root of a problem and by doing so not only relieve the symptoms but remove the cause”.

Brian lives with his partner Ruth and their two children Raphael and Eden.



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