Chiropractors are health professionals who treat joint misalignments and attempt to keep the body in optima balance. We are highly qualified and our training varies from country to country. We treat a range of the population and can help athletes, the elderly, and babies and just about any member of the general population.

In the United Kingdom chiropractors are qualified for diagnosing, treating and prescribing many forms of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. We assess issues associated with a patent’s posture, balance and walking abnormalities.

The walking pattern is known as “gait” and this is what is assessed throughout consultations, particularly during the initial consultation, although, this can depend on the issue being treated.

Chiropractors in are qualified to give vertebral subluxation. We are regulated by the chiropractic associations which vary from country to country. Some chiropractors specialize in sport chiropractic or in some cases animal chiropractic, depending on the further chosen route of study. The specialization for chiropractors may vary. All chiropractors undergo extensive study on the human’s anatomy and physiology. We also have a study focus on chemistry and biology. This form of health care is an excellent way to compliment other health care approaches such as exercise or massage therapy. A chiropractor will have an excellent approach to keeping you body’s alignment optimal and these professions together will compliment each other.

A person’s walking pattern is known as their “gait.” The normal gait is the normal rhythm of walking and if this is not in complete balance many issues can result. The issues will stem from the feet, travelling up through the entire body. If the body is not centred the body will have to compensate in an another area of the body. All functions revolve around a midline of gravity and a centre of gravity. These assist with the body’s balance and when it’s out the slightest, the body’s health can often follow. This is one very important issue Chiropractors attempt to help the public with. There are many forms of health care and this form is a very specialized area that allows for efficient handling of one of the most important issues in health, our balance and how our weight falls around our midline to connect with earth.

Chiropractors often work with other health professionals to assist with the patient’s overall health. When choosing a chiropractor consult your state’s association for a qualified professional near you or professionals can also be recommended by your doctor.

There is often a relationship that can stem from University in the health field with other health professionals since many share similar qualities during their first year of study. It’s important that health professionals work together to give patients the best health benefits. Chiropractors are professionals who in some cases are the missing ingredient to treat a health issues and in other cases they can compliment the patient’s current health programme to ensure the body is it’s optimal functioning condition.

What to expect

whattowxpectThe Osteopath will first take a full medical history to make sure you are safe to treat. If there is any concern about the presence of a more serious underlying condition, the patient may be referred to their doctor for further investigations.

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About me

aboutusBrian graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2004. Since graduating Brian has continued with postgraduate study in cranial and classical Osteopathy as well as being involved in a local osteopathic group, holding regular meetings and lectures from other related healthcare professionals.

Brian set up Queens Road Osteopathy in November 2009 to provide excellent care and ongoing support to his patients. “I believe that Osteopathy has so much more to offer than simply relief of pain. Osteopathy is the only medical discipline that truly tries to get to the root of a problem and by doing so not only relieve the symptoms but remove the cause”.

Brian lives with his partner Ruth and their two children Raphael and Eden.



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