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A happy patient his thoughts:

“I recall my first visit to my osteopath back in 1994. I had been experiencing pain that was referred to as sciatica and various other forms of pains in both legs. I was a teenager at the time and the thought of these problems getting in the way of sport and socializing was heartbreaking. I’d received various forms of treatment and was getting to point where I thought we’d never resolve the issue. I recall the first health professional I saw was a physiotherapist who, although, I’m sure was qualified to give rehabilitation, but didn’t resolve this issue. This treatment had gone on with the physiotherapist for around 20 visits and looked into other rehab options. I’d seen a sport doctor who was renown for getting people out of issues like the one I was in. The sports doctor mentioned a few options and one of them was surgery. The surgery was to cut and lengthen part of my adductors, muscles on the internal aspect of my thighs, to relieve some referred pain. There were many stipulations as to what the problems were and nothing was giving me any improvement. I believe this went on for around six months trying to get back to full function. Then I was referred to my osteopath not too far from my home in Loughton. This was the first time I’d heard of an Osteopath and the first time anybody in my family had heard of this profession. Upon arriving in the studio of the osteopathic clinic I was greeted by a very peaceful new type of setting. All staff in the clinic were very friendly and I felt I was in good hands immediately. There was as initial consultation to get to the bottom of the injury and a postural analysis. I was asked many questions, which I felt were not related at the time, but looking back they clearly were. I’d only received around three osteopathic sessions before my problem had nearly completely cleared up. My osteopath would manipulate my spine and ensure all structures in my spine were in a full alignment. Before this happened I would receive a massage to loosen up the structures being adjusted; the entire process was very gentle and I actually looked forward to the visits in the end. The therapy resolved my issues and I got back to full function. Something I believe was very helpful in the process was my osteopath treating my life as a whole and attempting to identify all issues related to the problem. My osteopath worked with a chiropodist, which was very helpful. I was referred to see him and I was prescribed shoe inserts that were also contributing to my back’s misalignment, which lead to sciatica and leg pains. I can now say that being introduced to osteopathy, as a health professional, was a very valuable chapter in my life. I feel as though other health professionals were not resolving the issues and were wasting value time in my teenage years. This time was not the healthiest psychologically and now when I have health problems I consult my Osteopath.”

What to expect

whattowxpectThe Osteopath will first take a full medical history to make sure you are safe to treat. If there is any concern about the presence of a more serious underlying condition, the patient may be referred to their doctor for further investigations.

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About me

aboutusBrian graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2004. Since graduating Brian has continued with postgraduate study in cranial and classical Osteopathy as well as being involved in a local osteopathic group, holding regular meetings and lectures from other related healthcare professionals.

Brian set up Queens Road Osteopathy in November 2009 to provide excellent care and ongoing support to his patients. “I believe that Osteopathy has so much more to offer than simply relief of pain. Osteopathy is the only medical discipline that truly tries to get to the root of a problem and by doing so not only relieve the symptoms but remove the cause”.

Brian lives with his partner Ruth and their two children Raphael and Eden.



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