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Osteopathy an excellent way to get your health back to its once peak form. Unfortunately for most of us we are not experts in at everything. Although, most of us may think we know all about most issues, and it seems that every time I see a car bonnet go up, around a group rev-head teenagers it seems Tom, Dick and Harry all seem to know exactly what the problem is. The fact of the matter is there are professionals in most areas and in order to resolve a problem efficiently, certain jobs should be left for certain people. When it comes to treating your body, while rundown and out of balance, our Osteopaths are an excellent option to steer you in the right direction to good health. When your body has been abused and out of tune there can be a number issues such as dietary, lack of exercise, or the body may be playing up from the body’s misalignment. When the body experiences pain from misalignment, it is under constant stress and this plays on the mind and causes stimulation of the nerve endings serving the area experiencing pain – pain is exhausting. Our osteopaths aim to bring the body to a complete balance. They treat the patient’s life as a hole and attempt to eliminate anything that could be a cause of illness. Osteopaths are holistic health care professionals who have a high level of knowledge in a body’s optimal functional level.

The road to becoming an Osteopath is a long one. Our professionals have been through years of study and some have the title of doctors. Our osteopaths are second to none. They are health professionals who take their careers serious and have one aim – help people and improve patients’ health.

Ray is a patient of our clinic from Romford and says: “before I saw my osteopath, I was experiencing exhausting pain and referring pain going down my legs. I was told I needed an operation to remove a disc, my daughter had just been born and I was feeling I would miss very important years in her development. Osteopath Romford got me functioning again.” Ray is an example of what the treatment can do for not just the body, but for the mind. Although, his treatment was direct and the problem being treated had a directly identified source, in a herniated disc, many cases are present where people experience migraines, stomach problems and many ghost pains which stem from the body’s misalignment.

During your first visit to our osteopath you can expect an initial assessment and the professional will ask a number of questions regarding your entire life. Often the source of the problem is not so obvious and certain patterns in your life may cause tension in the body and pull joints out of alignment. Our osteopaths are professionals very qualified in identifying issues and improving the quality of your life. Often our osteopath works with a massage therapist to assist in increasing blood flow to the structures being treated. This improves the flexibility in the structures being treated and assists with their adjustment. The osteopathic process is very gentle and our practitioner will make your experience pleasant. There will be no need to be anxious once you’ve discovered how gentle and helpful our osteopath will be in bringing your health back to its optimal state.

What to expect

whattowxpectThe Osteopath will first take a full medical history to make sure you are safe to treat. If there is any concern about the presence of a more serious underlying condition, the patient may be referred to their doctor for further investigations.

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About me

aboutusBrian graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2004. Since graduating Brian has continued with postgraduate study in cranial and classical Osteopathy as well as being involved in a local osteopathic group, holding regular meetings and lectures from other related healthcare professionals.

Brian set up Queens Road Osteopathy in November 2009 to provide excellent care and ongoing support to his patients. “I believe that Osteopathy has so much more to offer than simply relief of pain. Osteopathy is the only medical discipline that truly tries to get to the root of a problem and by doing so not only relieve the symptoms but remove the cause”.

Brian lives with his partner Ruth and their two children Raphael and Eden.



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